We specialize in spring crops and perennial vegetables. We have unusual varieties and hard to find veggies such as purple asparagus, currants and specialty salad mixes. Our woods and fields provide us with spring chives, ramps, sunchokes, puffball mushrooms, and black walnuts. We have hickory nuts that are locally grown by our Amish neighbors.

Our honey comes from our own hives. We currently keep two to five hives and provide plenty of habitat and flowers to keep them foraging and collecting nectar. Our honey is extracted on site, filtered and bottled. You may find that it crystallizes after some time. Crystallizations does not change the quality of the honey. If you want to liquify it, set it in a hot water bath and watch it turn back to its golden liquid form. Otherwise enjoy it as a spreadable delight on toast.

Honey in the hive frame

Honey in the hive frame


We have a flock of dorset sheep for both meat and wool. Our animals stay on pasture year-round but are also fed hay and small amount of grain during the winter months. At this point we have nine breeding ewes and a ram.

Lamb is for sale at the farm only. Because our supply is limited it can be ordered here and picked up at your convenience later. Please use the order form to pay and let us know when you plan on visiting the farm and picking up your product. A courtesy delivery option is available to select locations.