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About Us

We plant, maintain and harvest crops with our ecological footprint in mind. We want to preserve plentiful life in the soil, in the borders of our fields, in our farmed and in our wildlife areas for future generations.

We use appropriate technology to minimize ecological impact.

We treat our animals with care, respect, compassion and gratefulness. We love our pets, provide for our livestock and cherish the wild animals that help our farm thrive.

We use organic practices, permaculture techniques and integrate animal and plants within our farming systems but we do not have any official “green” label. Come meet us at the market, ask questions, get to know us and our practices. We are above all, farming our land with care!


established in 1996


Our farming adventure began as a way for me to combine work while raising small children. My husband and I saw an opportunity to fulfill a dream of rural living, ecological stewardship and supporting our family doing meaningful and rewarding work. Our farm is continually changing and transforming with each season. The bare hill is now forested, our wetlands have come back and our soil is much richer than when we started. Children have come and gone. Many of our farm field hands have moved on to their own farming enterprises. We look forward to expanding our plantings to include more nut trees and grape wines. Every year brings new challenges and rewards.